Piano Stools

Sitting correctly at the piano is important for correct playing technique, also for good posture and minimise an aching back! Which is why we stock Adjustable height piano stools, Concert piano stools, and budget priced keyboard stools.

Piano Stools

Have you ever watched a professional piano player walk on to the stage to sit at the piano – one which they would have sat at during rehearsals and yet the pianist moves the piano stool, pushing it way or bringing it closer, then adjusting the height of the piano stool as if it is the first time they have sat at the piano . What the pianist is doing is adjusting the stool to give themselves the most comfortable position at the piano.  Adjusting the piano stool to their body size to allow the pianist to be at the proper position to play the piano.

Height, Distance, and Posture. These points apply to any and all piano players whether they are beginner piano students or classical concert pianist.

Height. While sitting at the piano the bench should be high enough so that the arms will rest comfortably on the keys. The arms should be relaxed and about horizontal with the floor. The wrist should be slightly bent lower that the knuckles but without resting on the key slip in front of the keys.

Distance. Adjust the bench so that when the pianist sits with the hands resting on the keys the elbows should be slightly in front of the stomach. The arms should not be fully extend nor should the elbows be beyond the pianist back.

Posture. While sitting at the piano the pianist should have a straight back with relaxed shoulders. This allows the pianist to keep their head straight so that they can easily see the sheet music on the music desk in front of them.