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Why choose Countrywide Pianos?

Countrywide Piano Centre is an established family business, proud to have been serving customers in excess of 30 years.  Based in the heart of Buckinghamshire’s heritage furniture town of High Wycombe, we appreciate that a piano is, as you would expect a fabulous instrument and yet, it has to be equally, an attractive piece of furniture too.  We pride ourselves on the exceptional care we give in selecting pianos which match this criteria.

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Specialising in only the  piano, we chose not to become a general music store ,  instead our goal is to provide the best customer experience combined with expert product knowledge. We are an Approved and Authorised Kawai Piano Selection Centre also a Yamaha main piano dealership, regularly attending training days with each Company to ensure that our product knowledge remains at the forefront.

It doesn’t stop there, all of our team are experts in their own field- we have our in-house piano technicians/polisher/piano tuners and of course to deliver your piano, we have our own specialist delivery guys too. Having worked closely with Mike and his team from Piano-Warehouse for over 25 years, we joined together, allowing for the  capacity to carry large stocks for speedy delivery countrywide, this joining of minds was a natural progression and allows us to provide even greater choice,  serving London and the rest of the UK

At our heart, we always wanted to be a truly independent shop, never tied to one particular brand, to have the freedom to select the best products on the market, to be able to follow the latest trends and yet still offer good friendly  advice with unhurried personal attention . Over the last 30plus years we are proud to have remained true to that belief.

Countrywide Pianos provide a whole range of pianos, including Kawai Upright Pianos, Kawai Grand Pianos, Kawai Digital Pianos, Second Hand Upright Pianos, Second Hand Grand Pianos,
Yamaha Grand Pianos, Yamaha Upright PianosSelf Playing Pianos/Yamaha Disklaviers as well as Piano Stools, Underfloor Heating Mats and Room Humidifiers.

All of our pianos are available for delivery Countrywide, plus we can offer a piano moving service to move your own piano from High Wycombe  to any where … Countrywide !

We dedicate ourselves to providing our customers with the best quality of service and ownership experience. Our expertise and specialist knowledge , along with value for money and great product choice, makes Countrywide Pianos showroom definitely well worth a visit, Penn Road, Hazlemere, High Wycombe, Bucks. Free Parking right outside the door.

Countrywide Pianos Showroom
Countrywide Pianos at Piano Warehouse
Inside the Countrywide Pianos showroom

If you really want to play beautiful music nothing compares to a real piano, nothing quite captures the expression and warmth of a hammer hitting a string. What you sacrifice in space, you make up for in sound. A lot of people buying real pianos also take in to consideration how the piece looks in the room.A real piano often makes the room which is especially true for a grand piano!. Real pianos gives you an authentic, acoustic sound that has a warmer, more resonant tone. You also have better control over the articulation and expression of the musical notes. If looking at new pianos we would suggest the Kawai pianos or Yamaha pianos, both are World leading piano manufacturers and offer quality pianos. At the entry level the Kawai K-15 is by far our most popular new piano whilst the Kawai GL-10 is one of our our best selling Baby grand pianos. Without doubt the Yamaha U1 and Yamaha U3 remain perennial favourites and are always in demand as second hand pianos too.

The digital piano is best if space is at a premium. Likewise, if you are living in a flat or even student accommodation, the biggest benefit of a digital piano is that you can connect your headphones and play without making any sound.

What the digital piano may lack in terms of raw sound, they make it up with some additional features. These features allow you to use the digital piano in more than one way, making it a more versatile instrument. For example; With the digital piano, you can produce the sound of almost any instruments, ranging from a saxophone to a choir. You can play around with the different types of sound and choose the sound that suits your music best. Digital pianos differ in types and sizes, but they are all more portable than their acoustic counterparts. Some of the portable digital pianos can be moved by easily by just one person. We choose to stock Kawai digital pianos for their reliability, sound and range of models From the Kawai ES110 to the CA98 there is definitely a Kawai digital piano waiting for you!

Hybrid pianos are exactly as the next suggests a combination of both a real piano and a digital piano. The Kawai ATX anytime piano and the Yamaha Silent piano allow you to have best of both worlds a real acoustic piano plus for silent practice or for playing without other listening simply switch to digital headphone mode and your real piano becomes a silent digital piano. The Kawai ATX AnyTime and Yamaha Silent pianos are available in the showroom for you to try.

There are so many reasons why a good quality second hand piano is an ideal piano choice, often people choose a second hand piano over a new piano because of the cost. Whilst this is of course a factor, often people will choose a used piano because it can give you the choice to a buy a higher quality brand of piano over a cheaper imported new piano from a lesser known manufacturer. Second hand Yamaha U1 pianos and Second hand Yamaha U3 pianos are always sought after and hold their value very well even some 30 or 40 years after it was first purchased. Second hand grand piano are always a firm favourite we offer second hand grand pianos in all the sizes from a small baby grand piano up to the larger grand pianos for school/stage/professional performance at significant savings over buying a new grand piano.

We are also seeing that people are much more aware of saving the planet and choose second hand pianos as a way of re-using the World’s resources. A good quality second hand piano which has been fully serviced and tuned here at Countrywide Pianos comes with a full guarantee for additional peace of mind. We are proud to have our own team of piano tuners, technicians and piano moving team the whole package is provided in-house. Countrywide Pianos specialise in our field of piano expertise and are not a general all- instrument store, which is why we remain a truly independent piano showroom, the best selection for new and second hand pianos.