Kawai Upright Pianos

Outstanding touch expansive dynamic range together with tonal richness make the reason why Countrywide Pianos chose to stock the Kawai pianos and are proud to be recognised as an  Kawai Acoustic Piano Selection Centre. Stocking  the Kawai K series  from the K15, K-200 K-300 K-400 and the most popular Kawai K-500 pianos

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Kawai Upright Pianos

The Kawai upright piano K Series, offers a level of tonal quality performance and feel. Kawai has now become our most popular choice of new piano.Where can I see the Kawai piano range? right here at Countrywide Pianos, pinpointed as a Kawai Piano Selection Centre. Starting with the Kawai K15E, small modern and perfect for the whole family.Next in the line-up of new Kawai pianos is the Kawai K-200, the Kawai K-300 and the K-400 follows on, leading on to the magnificent Kawai K500 With sturdy construction for years of reliable service, these Kawai pianos are an excellent choice for anyone looking to buy. Kawai’s new acoustic pianos are given a manufacturer’s 10 year guarantee.

The Kawai K500 piano for example, is very popular with piano teachers and pianist's alike, with its taller height and newly-designed scale. The special features you would expect to enjoy are; Exclusive Millennium III Upright Action with ABS-Carbon Composites, Duplex Scale (Upper), NEOTEX Key Surfaces, Double Felted and Mahogany Core Hammers. With its taller height and newly-designed scale, the Kawai K-500 piano offers a rare combination of power, dynamic range and tonal richness to meet the musical demands of any studio or home environment

Steeped in Family Tradition, the Kawai family has blended knowledge, skill, technology and heart into the quest to perfect the art of piano making. For generations Kawai have built up a piano empire, to share with the world and spread music perfection for many more years to come.

Here at Countrywide Pianos, we dedicate our time working with the best piano makers the market has to offer and we are proud to supply Kawai Pianos. We recognize quality and with this Kawai range we know that you’ll see this too.

We are an independently run business which means you can rest back knowing that we hand pick the best pianos from each brand and give you a range that we truly believe represents the best the piano industry has to offer. With this Kawai range we are confident that this is what you get. In today’s marketing where everything seems to be purchased online, we feel proud to still represent the high street! Each Kawai piano is completely individual and we
recognise just how important it is to our customers to be able to get to know their Kawai piano before taking it home. We love to talk shop! It’s our passion, it’s business, it’s what our family have been doing for over 30 years. So, come down, take a seat and let’s play some music!