If you have decided to purchase a piano but are confused as to which brand, type or size then this information is here to help. Visit us in store at Hazlemere, High Wycombe to see our full range of great new and second hand pianos.

Let’s begin with looking at new pianos.

To start keep things simple and begin looking at brand names that are familiar to you, such as Kawai pianos and Yamaha pianos brands.  These are some of the big names in the piano market and the most recognizable. Their pianos have a great reputation and are proven to be reliable pianos.  Well respected among professionals, this gives you the assurance that the quality brands have stood the test of time. At the heart of these makes is an unwavering commitment to piano production, using cutting edge technology and craftsmanship.

The Kawai Upright Pianos and the range of Kawai Grand Pianos include a whole range of models to suit all taste and price ranges. We also pride ourselves on being an independent Yamaha Piano Centre and stock both new and second hand Yamaha pianos including but not limited to, the popular Yamaha U1 and Yamaha U3 together with other models in the series of Upright Pianos which are all displayed in our piano showroom, Hazlemere, High Wycombe, Bucks



Second Hand Pianos – The ultimate in buying Green!

Second hand pianos are a great choice for many reasons not least because it is the ultimate way to recycle and help save the planet!  We are often asked which is the best piano to buy? Should you buy a new piano or is second hand used piano better?  Maybe even digital?  All very valid questions and the simple answer is…there is no single answer! It comes down to choice … YOUR choice. Make the decision based on your budget, the space you have in your home for the piano and why you want this piano.  Is it a family piano?  Do you intend to use it just for your own personal use?  These things should factor in when making your choice.

Firstly, why buy a second hand piano? Is it always about price £££££££

Second hand pianos are not just for beginners or chosen because of the cost.  Many people prefer the look of a more traditional and classical piano. Whilst you may be told, older pianos cannot cope with central heating, older pianos need more frequent tuning, look at the facts first and then decide.  This could be a great option for you and your needs, especially if cost is a big factor.  Usually, used pianos cost less than buying a new piano.

A well-maintained older piano still has a lot to offer and years of good playing service still left in them! Yes, it may need additional tuning, but as we get older, don’t we all need a bit of extra care! Traditional classical styles often are made from beautiful woods, with a history and a story to tell. Choosing an older piano means low startup costs.  Meaning that you can buy without higher financial outlay which for a beginner piano player often makes buying a second hand piano the number 1 choice.  Buying a used piano can be viewed as a ‘steppingstone’ before making the bigger financial outlay when committing to buying a brand-new high-quality piano.

Like with everything, there are downsides to buying a second hand piano that you do need to consider.  Buying a second hand piano costing around £700 will not perform the same as a new piano costing £6,000.  A second hand piano also will not sound the same or last as long.  Pianos old or new need care if you want them to last, here are some things you may want to think about, whether it’s a new or second hand piano.

  • Both new pianos and used pianos will need tuning twice per year.
  • Both new pianos and second hand pianos will need extra care during that time of year when central heating is being used
  • Similarly, if you have under floor heating
  • Both new pianos and second hand pianos will give lots of pleasure


It comes down to cost and your own expectations, we could of course go on to explain about different woods, glues, the technical advances, soundboards and pin blocks but the bottom line remains the same.  An older piano will not perform the same as a new piano, an older piano will not cost as much as a new piano, yet the fact remains, hundreds of older second hand pianos are sold every year and hundreds of people are very happy with their pianos.  It really is down to you, there’s no right or wrong solution!



Second hand Yamaha U1 and second hand Yamaha U3 pianos

These deserve a special mention because many people look to buy a used Yamaha piano and why? Because the brand is so highly respected.  At Countrywide Pianos, we are a Premier Used Yamaha Piano Centre.  Used Yamaha pianos are still excellent value and often cost almost 50% less than a new Yamaha.

Digital pianos (Electric)

The advances made over the last few years has meant that the digital pianos are a really serious option.  No longer considered a poor choice, the good digital pianos are now THE choice of many professionals and piano teachers. We offer digital pianos from our bestselling range of Kawai.



  • Smaller in size than a real piano
  • Easy to move around
  • Volume control
  • Choice of sounds
  • Headphone option
  • No worries about central heating
  • Never need tuning
  • Prices start from as low as £500 for a basic model piano.


With digital pianos it really does come down to personal choice, but they will not last anywhere near the same time as a brand-new real piano. In the event that the digital piano goes wrong, it can be more difficult to find someone able to carry out repairs at reasonable costs. There is very little re-sale value for second hand electrical goods no matter how good a condition it may appear to be in.  Things to think about if you chose this route with your piano purchase.

Real pianos with built in digital silent play

This really offers the player the very best of both worlds a real piano with a digital piano inside. At last, you are able to have a real piano which allows for silent playing via headphones. This is a relatively new concept and for this reason, very few ‘silent pianos’ are available on the second hand market. A great choice for anyone who wishes to play outside what would be considered normal hours.  Someone who needs to play when young children are asleep for example or for people living in apartments where sound may be an issue. The wonderful upside of a silent piano is that there is no compromise on your performance or the feel and touch of a real piano which can be played as a standard piano or switched over to play via headphones…. brilliant! The popular Kawai Anytime is available to see in our showroom, come visit us Hazlemere, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire to learn more.







Sit back and r e l a x, with the self-play system let the piano do all the hard work! Your piano can create just the right mood, leaving you free to entertain, dance, sing-along or just sit back and enjoy the sound of a live instrument playing in your own room. There is a huge library of ready-made disks and some systems allow for direct access to a host of music from the Internet.  You can use an app on your smart phone, or your iPad.  The piano just became even better than ever! Of course, the self-play pianos can also be played in the same way as any other piano too.


We sometimes have available Preowned Yamaha Disklavier self-playing pianos, together with other makers too.  We also offer a self-play system that can be fitted to almost any piano, just ask for details or visit the showroom for a demonstration.

New Kawai Pianos, Pre-Owned Yamaha Pianos. Used, second hand Upright Pianos, Grand Pianos, Silent Pianos, Disklavier Pianos, Digital Pianos, whichever you choose, choose Countrywide Pianos! We have the choice; YOU make the selection.

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