Piano home rental can be a good short-term alternative to buying a piano.

You may like to consider renting a piano in your home before you commit to buying.

Before piano lessons can start, all good piano teachers will want to know that you have a piano at home so that you can practice and learn. Yet, as a beginner, how do you know if you will like playing, what if after the first couple of lessons your child wants to give up? Renting a piano for beginners and those with a young family is just one cost-effective way of starting to play piano. It is ideal  for short term, because it will meet your needs in terms of initial cost and allows you the opportunity to see if your children really enjoy learning to play without making a bigger financial commitment. Short term, because if you are serious about learning you may prefer to use the cost of rental towards the cost of buying. Piano rental allows you to have a piano in your home for all the family to enjoy before making the choice to buy a piano.  Rental prices start from around £100 per month as a general guide.

So why rent a piano? All too often we hear of people who have started to learn and have bought home a piano advertised as “free just needs tuning”  sadly this is rarely the truth and once you have paid for piano removals and tuning, the so called “free piano” has ended up costing a lot of money  only to find out it won’t stay in tune.  A badly regulated or poor sounding piano increase the chances of people giving up  . A  better choice then is to rent a piano for a short time  to see how much fun learning to play can be,  then if the piano is still being enjoyed, come and choose your very first piano, confident that you are at the beginning of your piano story.

Short term rental is also a popular option for visitors to the UK who perhaps prefer to rent a piano whilst staying in the UK for a while.

If you are looking for event hire for film work ,theatre,  concert hire  do look under our menu heading Event Hire. We can supply Yamaha pianos and Kawai pianos along with stunning period pianos which are  especially popular for film, TV and theatre events

Home Piano rental is strictly subject to availability and a particular brand cannot be guaranteed,   but  why not give us a call to see if short term rental is right for you or drop us an email, we are always happy to help.




Please note that pianos offered FOR SALE in the showroom are not available on the rental option.