Countrywide Pianos is proud to announce we are a Music For Dementia Champion. Music for Dementia is leading the call to make music an integral part of dementia care.

Music for Dementia

Our campaign and mission

Music for Dementia is a not-for-profit campaign that addresses one of the fundamental issues we face as a society when supporting and caring for some of the most vulnerable people – quality of life.

While there is no cure for dementia on the horizon we do have this transformational tool, music, at our fingertips. It is an instant connector and a universal language which has a powerful and unique role to play in dementia care.

Our goal is to make music accessible for everyone living with dementia. We have made it our mission that everyone living with the condition has access to music as part of their care, from diagnosis through to end of life. To achieve this, we are working with many different people, including: government, over 200 organisations in the health and social care sector and the music sector, our Ambassador Lauren Laverne, plus our growing supporter base.

Music can enliven, stimulate and enable people to express themselves creatively beyond words. This involvement enables people to be seen for who they are beyond their dementia. What’s more, the ability to process, respond to, and engage with music remains intact however severe the dementia.

Visit the Music for Dementiawebsite:

Download the Music for Dementia pdf: Music for Dementia PDF