A powerful title- so much so, that we have this quote stencilled onto our piano showroom wall  It is so true of course and probable never more so, than during this Covid pandemic.

Music creates social cohesion, wherever you go in the world, it is understood. It has the gift to connect us

Music has the ability to bring people together by the instruments they play, a shared interest in a particular style of music and who doesn’t love the spine-tingling sounds of a huge orchestral crescendo? Who can resist touching one or two keys of the piano if you happen to walk past one in a hotel , pub or friend’s home, in the days when we could and of course,  in the days to come – but why walk past? Wouldn’t  now be the perfect time to start to learn to play a new instrument, perhaps it is something you have always wanted to do or maybe you used to be able to play but haven’t done so for many years.

In a digital age where we have come to expect instant results learning a musical instrument takes time and dedication, patience too ! Yet this in itself is such a positive message, taking your time, losing yourself in music even in baby steps is such a wonderful immersive experience.

Music is fun!

Yamaha GX5

The joy you can get from music will help lift your spirits ! Whether it’s learning your favourite tune, performing on stage or a good old sing-a-long with your family, music brings fun!  Let us be at the start of your incredible musical journey, helping you to choose your first piano, to finding a piano teacher, here at Countrywide Pianos we have the most amazing selection of second hand and of course ,new pianos . Your first step is just a phone call away – hope to speak with you soon.