Santa Clause Is Coming To Town – As Are We!

Just like Santa, we are making our list and checking it twice, then packing our sleigh in time for all our Christmas deliveries! This time of year, when all we want to do is enjoy the lead up to the festive season, the last thing we want to worry about when buying our gifts is having them delivered on time and arriving in one piece. If you have made the decision to purchase a piano this Christmas, then now is the time to secure your spot on Countrywide’s sleigh! Like Santa, we are also carrying precious cargo and with our white glove service you can rest back knowing that a team of expert elves will ensure your piano arrives in the same perfect condition, as it did leaving our Countrywide Christmas workshop!

Countrywide have an in-house specialist delivery, that we are most proud of. Pianos are a finely delicate instrument, yet heavy with a cast iron frame. It requires specialist knowledge to move instruments correctly, a man and a van simply is not good enough! Whilst the iron frame means a very heavy item, cast iron is also very brittle. Incorrect insensitive movement can very easily result in a cracked frame. A cracked iron frame is almost impossible to repair or replace without involving costs as high as the purchase price of a replacement piano, not even elf magic would work! Our removal team are fully trained and appreciate the fact that they are moving a precious musical instrument. Our crew can also advise of the best location to site the piano in your home and advise against locations where heat, light or acoustics may have a detrimental effect on the piano.

Our white glove service includes; our knowledgeable crew who are fully uniformed, (unfortunately their elf wear is being worked on by Mrs Clause, ready for the big day, so they’ll have to make do with Countrywide uniform!) they use specialist equipment where required and drive modern well-maintained tail lift vehicle’s taking care of your valued instrument. When you are investing in a piano, it is so important to have these services included when considering your delivery options. It is vital to have a knowledgeable crew involved and not only that but know that when you order from the Countrywide showroom, it is loaded by the same crew, with care and consideration. Then driven by one of our vehicles and delivered to your home. Having this complete service is just one more great reason why we are the experts in what we do!











The specialist service we offer means we only have limited space on this years Christmas sleigh! We would hate to disappoint any of you, so please do book your delivery today we still have space to ensure your piano gets delivered in time for Christmas. The count down has begun, 32 days left until the big day. So, get those stockings up by the fire, mince pies at the ready, for Countrywide Piano’s is coming to town…