Being based in the heart of Buckinghamshire with its very close working links to the furniture town of High Wycombe, we understand the very real need to provide excellence when polishing your piano.Indeed our own families can go back several generations working within the furniture trade,serving and learning the skills handed down.

Piano polishing is a very highly skilled craft,one that very few piano shops offer. Here at Countrywide Pianos we are proud of our heritage and proud to offer re-polishing to all makes and sizes of piano from the traditional finishes to the more complicated high shine achieved by polyester.

Re polishing is very labour intensive and is therefore usually reserved for pianos that have special sentiment or are of a high value.

Initially, we can arrange to visit to provide a written quotation, upon acceptance, our own team of piano movers will collect your piano and deliver to our workshops. Whilst work is undertaken, we can, upon request, supply a rental loan piano, once work has finished, we again will deliver the piano back to your home and as part of our service, we will arrange for one of our piano tuners to re tune the piano.

For any questions about this service, do please give us a call.