One of the first things we are often asked is which piano is best, real or digital ?  Really the answer is simple,   neither is better rather they are different and often the answer lies more in the question,  how you will use your piano and who is the piano for?

As a beginner often a digital portable piano is the choice of many because the cost at entry level is relatively low, giving yourself the perfect platform to see if learning to play piano is the right instrument without the added pressure of thinking, “ well it cost so much I had better make sure I learn “ how off putting does that feel!   By choosing a beginner lower price digital piano, from a trusted brand, you can feel assured that the beginner is starting off on  a great piano, plus  it will have the correct number of keys,  it has the correct weighted feel, it is portable and has a volume control either manually or via headphones. We often recommend the Kawai ES120 for exactly these reasons.

Further up the price ranges in the digital world of pianos you can get some fabulous models that are harder to tell apart from the real thing – price wise they are now often comparable to a real piano and are not really a cheaper option, more that it is a different option with different benefits over a real acoustic instrument. The Kawai CN-301 & CN 401 models together with the higher specification found on the Kawai CA models ( Concert Artist range) are truly a premium range to choose from, we find and recommend the CA-701 and the Kawai CA-901 and are often chosen by piano teachers , music schools and for serious player . So why choose any of these types of instrument, price wise they are similar to that of a good real acoustic piano ? Aside from all the latest technology people often state that they like the very real benefit of being able to play via headphones especially if they opt to practice  and prefer  for others not to listen, sometimes it can be that the main room in the home, is exactly that, the main family room and why does the piano player have to choose to sit alone in a small, often colder, room away from the family. For many choosing to be absorbed in their own hobby and yet remain a part of the comings and goings of the family, being in the same room, yet together and yet alone in headphones and lost in music  can be  the perfect choice .

For some, the raw quality of a real piano feels somehow missing from an electronic sounds and feel .  For some,  it. seems to become a compromise between wanting a real acoustic instrument but still craving  all the modern technology the digital world offers and for this we would suggest a hybrid piano . As the name implies this is both a real and digital piano in one. With the hybrid you can play any time, anywhere, with the benefit of headphones and yet at other times, you can allow the sound of the real acoustic piano explode with energy and passion. A fine piano entices musicians to perform with spontaneity and passion, yet such unbridled expressiveness may not always be appropriate. Indeed, in certain environments, an acoustic piano can prove disruptive; the diligent tones of children practising scales are unlikely to be welcomed by other family members wishing to watch television, while even the most gentle, soothing Chopin preludes have the potential to irritate neighbours if performed after an acceptable time.The hybrid piano just may be the perfect choice for you and your circumstances . Kawai include the hybrid across their range  with the smaller Kawai K15ATX being one of our most popular models in the series of which we have here in our piano showroom for you to see, feel and hear. Yamaha also offer a hybrid across their range,  the Yamaha SILENT series  and is especially popular on the entry level Yamaha B1 Silent and the impressive Yamaha U1 Silent.

Here in our showroom we have a fantastic choice of beautiful pianos, all kinds of pianos, from digital, to hybrid, to small upright right upto the impressive grand pianos and we haven’t even begun to talk to you about self playing pianos but that comes in our next blog ! Our showroom can be found at 194 Penn Road, Hazlemere, High Wycombe, Bucks HP15 6PF  with FREE customer parking right outside the door and a friendly welcome inside. Until next time ..