Yamaha YUA upright piano


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Certified By Yamaha refurbished pianos are only available from Approved Yamaha Dealerships, so we are are proud to bring to you this fabulous example of one of the best. The Yamaha YUA upright piano – available to see and play here in our piano showroom , which is open by appointment. Free customer parking right outside.

Advisory: If you have underfloor heating, it is recommended to use a Piano heat protection mat. Available from the showroom.

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Introducing the Yamaha YUA upright piano

H131 cm W154 cm D 65cm

Certified by Yamaha that this piano has been refurbished  by and in the Yamaha factory, in Japan.  Complete with Certificate of Authenticity  Serial Number 3072483

The Yamaha YUA  features a grand piano style music desk, large enough for scores /duet books and set at the height of  a grand piano music desk, optimum for vision of music and set in a position to allow full freedom of expression and will not impede hand movement.

Cross backed for superior tuning stability , a sostenuto pedal the Yamaha YUA is considered a Professional upright piano .

The sound of your piano starts in the heart, growing smoother day by day,as fingertips connect with keys making melodies that express deep emotions.

Delivery From £60 – £100 ground floor easy  access