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Advisory: If you have underfloor heating, it is recommended to use a Piano heat protection mat.
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As the world slowly adjusts to our new ‘norm’ and the lockdown begins to loosen, we all now need to be more responsible than ever to avoid a new surge in cases. We must stay vigilant and take extra care to protect ourselves and others around us which means many of us may have to get used to a very a different lifestyle for now. Here are Countrywide we are dedicated to protecting you, our staff and ensuring we follow Government guidelines very carefully in the coming months to ensure you can shop safely, whist in our store. We’ve seen how our Country has come together these past few months, clapping for careers, delivery food to the vulnerable, keeping a safe distance whilst in supermarkets and remaining at home to save lives. We have never been so proud to be part of this Country and we intend to keep calm and carry on, as us Brits do best! We stand ready to ease back into normal life as best we can, and we know you’ll all support us every step of the way! We have carefully planned the reopening of our showroom on the 15th June and below are details of how we intend to move forward together, keeping you and our staff safe is our number one priority!

First and most importantly, we are asking everyone to keep a 2 metre distance here in the showroom between yourself and the Countrywide Piano staff. Government guidelines require us to allow 12.5 sqm of floor space per person, therefore we are limiting customer numbers to just 2 per family group at a time. For this reason, we ask that you telephone to book an appointment to view pianos at the showroom. Booking an appointment means no queues! You’ll simply be able to come on down and straight into our showroom! It also gives us the opportunity to spend more one on one time with you, to find out your needs and make sure we help you find exactly what you are looking for. Great news for us! It’s the one thing we love most, and we have missed so much the last few months!