Small Heat Protection Mat


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Piano Mat
Standard ideal for
the smaller upright piano.

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151cm X 34cm

Advisory: If you have underfloor heating, it is recommended to use a Piano heat protection mat. Available from the showroom.

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Small sizes are for smaller modern style pianos:

  • Small modern Upright approx. 110cm high: Carpet Size 151cm x 34cm
  • Also available for Grand pianos 5ft to 10ft by special order
  • Available in black
  • If you have underfloor heating, we strongly advise that protection is given to the piano, ideally isolate the area when the piano is to be placed. If this is not possible then a heat protection mat will help but it cannot stop all heat.
  • A room humidifier in addition to a heat protective mat will really assist with tuning stability too.

Product specifications for the Piano Carpet

  • The carpet/fabric is 100% PA 66, cut pile, anti-static
  • Polyester manufactured with golden tin foil
  • Polyetheleenfoam
  • AluPP
  • Polyester manufactured with silver tin foil
  • Fireproof C fl sl 1

Product information for the Piano Carpet

  • High thermal isolation value, thermal resistance is 0,083m2K/W.
  • Extra soundproof, 8dB floor contact, reduces the sound on the surface of the carpet.
  • Excellent damp-resistance.
  • Lets through 0,47g/m2 water vapour in 24 hours.
  • Because of the structure of the carpet and by placing the piano on the carpet, the piano doesn’t have direct contact with the floor. This means that the vibration of the sound of the piano doesn’t move across the floor.
  • The carpet is also a heat shield, which means that it protects your piano against uprising hot air.
  • Suitable for most floor surfaces.
  • Suitable for every kind of piano.
  • Installation possible by the customer himself.
  • Long life span.
  • Sizes available: Standard: 151cm x 58cm. Small: 151cm x 34cm
  • Standard colour black.