Second hand Niemeyer piano


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Great second hand piano which offers excellent value for money too

Available to see here in our showroom, which is open by appointment

Advisory: If you have underfloor heating, it is recommended to use a Piano heat protection mat. Available from the showroom.

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This is a good second hand piano which is available to buy or  why not try our short term rental.

Why rent ?  If you looking for a piano for a beginner, the concern some have,  is that the piano may not be the right instrument for them and yet as a beginner,  you need to have a good quality piano to give yourself every chance of success of learning.

Short term rental  can be the perfect solution,  do talk to us to see if this may be of interest – of course, learning any instrument is similar to learning a new language – which takes time and dedication, so for many, rental is not for them as financially  it is better to buy,  as with most things,  it is what ever suits your needs best.

H 102 cm  W  147 cm   D 57 cm

3 Pedal