Authorised to supply & install the Yamaha Disklavier Upgrade DKC900 unit

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Add a lively new dimension to your Yamaha Disklavier

Please talk to us about the Yamaha DCK900 upgrade system. Only available for genuine Yamaha Disklavier pianos

Authorised supplier & installation of the Yamaha DCK900.

We will only fit these units in our own in-house workshops as we believe this allows us to to provide the very best retro fitting of this unit  and we will not compromise on the benefits of  fitting and testing these units properly.

For more details, please ask for Greg or Dan here at Countrywide Pianos




Advisory: If you have underfloor heating, it is recommended to use a Piano heat protection mat. Available from the showroom.

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We will ONLY supply & fit these genuine Yamaha upgrade units from our workshops and do not offer an “at home retro fit “.We believe this is the only way to ensure a professional and correct service for this unit.

Official supplier of genuine  Yamaha parts which  allows us to offer a professional upgrade system to your YAMAHA piano – we supply and install the DKC900 to Yamaha pianos here in our own workshops. In order to offer the very best upgrade service, we arrange to collect your piano upgrade the system and return the piano back to you  – the piano is then set up and retuned in your own home. Giving you true peace of mind that the Yamaha upgrade to your Disklavier piano will be in safe hands.

The upgrade to the DKC900 offers so much   Enhances your listening pleasure

The DKC-900 lets your Disklavier do more than simply play back piano songs. It also lets it recreate performances by top artists—many recorded exclusively for Yamaha. Whether it’s an ensemble, orchestra, or vocal performance, you’ll be immersed in pure musicality.

Wireless network connectivity and seamless compatibility with mobile devices, smartphones and computers allows intuitive access to all of the instrument’s exclusive content and unique capabilities.

The DKC-900 allows you to revel in whatever music suits your mood or occasion, from classical solo piano or concerto selections to your favorite jazz or pop songs on piano – accompanied by audio and vocals. An easy-to-use and intuitive UI design provides direct access to 500 built-in songs* and thousands of performances that can be downloaded directly to the instrument from the Yamaha MusicSoft online store

Seamless design

The DKC-900 unit is compact enough to be installed unobtrusively on a Disklavier. It will blend in seamlessly with the elegant lines of your Yamaha piano. A streamlined control panel allows for simple tactile control while remaining hidden from view, providing the elegant look one would expect from a finely crafted Yamaha acoustic piano

DKC-900, please note the following:

The AccuPlay functionality of Disklavier Enspire PRO will not be installed.

Floppy discs or CDs are not compatible with the DKC-900. Please enjoy 500 new songs (included for free) or purchase and download thousands of additional songs from the Yamaha Musicsoft library. You can also subscribe to Piano Radio, which provides access to 30 different music channels 24/7. A monthly or annual subscription is required. Piano performances that you have recorded on your Disklavier will be erased when you install the DKC-900.

Please back up your data on a USB drive beforehand.

For wireless internet connection via UD-WL01, a wireless network router (2.4 GHz ready) with WPS functionality is required. You can also access the internet via Ethernet cable.

Headphones output will be changed from 6.3mm to 3.5mm.

For more details, please ask for Greg or Dan here at Countrywide Pianos