Practice Makes Perfect

We have done a number of blogs now on the benefits music and learning an instrument can have on your life. How learning the piano can improve memory, help your child to do better in school and overall make you a happier more well-rounded you! Everyday life can sometimes be very demanding, getting the work, home balance right can be tricky. A daily routine often can help, it keeps you focused on the tasks you need to achieve during the day, but it also allows you some downtime. Let’s face we, we all need more of that! As hard as we work, it is essential that we get some leisure time in, whatever form that may be, whatever your thing is! Obviously, our thing is music! More specifically the piano, but you can come join us in our happy place, it’s a great place, let me tell you! Whether you are a seasoned pianist or just starting out, incorporate the piano into your daily routine and watch the difference it makes to your life!

A daily routine doesn’t have to be really structured. You don’t have to plan your day out minute by minute! Having said that it has been suggested that having a daily plan can help you be more productive. It ensures that you get all the things you need to get done, done but also allows you some downtime, a lunch break or even just a half an hour to do simply nothing! I also find that when I plan my day the night before, it helps me to let go of worry, knowing that I have written down and I have enough time the next day to achieve all I need to. I can sleep better! Fitting in some downtime is hard, we know that most of the time we barely have time to sleep let alone have a hobby! However, its essential to having a good work/home life balance. Giving yourself even an hour a day to do something that you really want to do can change your life dramatically. Its not all about work, having a very good routine will allow you to find the time. How to spend that time you ask? PLAY THE PIANO!

We have spoken at length about the benefits of learning an instrument, how it does improve all areas of your life. We know that not all of you have access to a piano or the room in which to house one even if you bought one! That’s why we thought it was important to offer this opportunity to anyone and everyone, no matter your skill level or needs. We now have a studio space that can be used by all. A studio/rehearsal space has so many uses, and we think its vital to be able to offer this to everyone. We have said this on many occasions, but music really is our life, we don’t just sell pianos! We truly believe that we can help you on your musically journey even if you aren’t in the positions to by an instrument. That’s why we why think its so important to offer this service and for so many more reasons.

Like we said maybe you haven’t got the space or the money right now to buy a piano. Perhaps you have never played before and don’t want to buy a piano without giving it a try first. That makes a studio most appealing. You can use it as often or as little as you’d like, you can rent the space for the day or for an hour! You have the opportunity to play an upright piano, a grand piano a Yamaha grand Disklavier piano and a digital piano. It really is very versatile. Maybe you are away on business and want to keep up with practice, especially if its in your daily routine 😉 You may even be preparing for a piano exam. Why not bring your teacher along and use the space as a mock exam room? Putting yourself into an unfamiliar setting is often thought to be beneficially when preparing for an exam. When you practice at home you are relaxed and in familiar surroundings and are using your own piano. Putting yourself into an exam, type setting will make you more prepared for the real thing!

Why not take advantage of our new practice studio, make it a vital part of your daily routine and see your life change for the better! We would love to be part of your musical journey, its why we do what we do. All our acoustic pianos are tuned to Concert pitch prior to your visit and is included in the price. Plus, we also serve complimentary tea and coffee! For more information or to arrange time in our practice studio call 01494 813388, booking is essential. We can’t wait to see you soon!