Buying a piano is a large investment, one that if cared for properly can last a life time and be passed on to others to enjoy for years to come.  If you’ve decided to make that investment or perhaps you already own a piano, we have the ultimate guide to caring for your instrument.  We can help you preserve and enjoy your piano, so it not only sounds great, but looks the part too.

Piano Tuning

One of the most common practises when it comes to taking care of your piano, is to have it regularly tuned. Just how many times a year to have this done depends on a few factors; atmospheric changes, continuous and heavy playing and the age of your piano.  Pianos are very sensitive to atmospheric changes, in the summer months when there is more humidity, your piano will absorb this moisture.  This causes the piano to swell, the strings to tighten, which causes the pitch to raise and the piano is then out of tune.  In the winter months when you switch on the heating, it causes moisture to evaporate, this causes shrinkage and the strings slacken and the pitch drops.

If you are playing your piano everyday for several hours, this is going to cause your piano to require tuning more often.  The age will also play a factor.  If you have a newer piano, for example, this could cause tuning instability due to the strings stretching and needing to settle in.  It’s always best to have your piano tuned at least twice a year to keep it sounding its best.


Moving your Piano

Moving your piano is sometimes unavoidable.  Moving home, having work done to your home, carpets being fitted or simply deciding your piano would be better suited in another room!  This could have a big impact on not just the sound of your instrument but could cause serious cosmetic damage too.  I know, I know, it seems very tempting to do this yourself. Don’t!  When you have invested so much into your piano, why take the risk of damaging it.  Employ a specialist company that has the equipment and know how to move your piano with ease.  This is going to reduce the risk of anything happening, after all they are the professionals, let them take all the stress away for you!


With more than 70% of all new pianos being presented in a polyester high-gloss cabinet, it worth while finding a company that has the expertise to deal with this and understand the skills required to conduct such repairs when needed.  Repolishing pianos is very specialist, if you intend to play and display your piano for years to come, this is necessary work that should be carried out.  Seek advice if you think your piano is in need of extensive restoration, this will ensure your piano not only looks amazing, but sounds it too!

We really hope this guide has been useful, whether you already own a piano, or you intend to invest in one. Old or new, keeping your piano in tip top shape is the most important thing if you want to use and enjoy it for many years to come.  Keeping your piano sounding and looking great, is Countrywide Piano Centre’s passion, we can guide you through any issue you may face with over 30 years of knowledge and experience, we have got you covered!