Mindfulness Music



A lot of emphasis is placed on getting children to start learning to play the piano as early as possible.  Although this is very good advice, you can start to learn the piano at any age.  There is no upper limit!  We’ve all seen lots of research on how learning the piano helps aid children’s development. Did you also know that music and learning an instrument, like the piano can really help adults improve their mental health and mindfulness?  We all struggle to some degree, if you are looking for a way to help with issues like stress, anxiety, aid better sleep and increases motivation to name but a few, we may have some great suggestions!

Reduce stress

It has long been suggested that music can help reduce levels of stress. We all know that meditative music does exactly this; soothes the mind and induces relaxation. If listening to music can be an effective way to cope with stress, then learning to play the piano can be just as effective.  Clearing your mind of all your daily worries and focusing on just the music, takes you out of this mindset and into a calm and more relaxed one. You not only have a clearer mind but have a greater sense of satisfaction having achieved something too. If you don’t believe us, give it a try!



Improve sleep

In a recent sleep study carried out on a group of adults, one group was asked to listen to 45 minutes of music before bed for 3 weeks, the other group was given no aids at all.  The study found that participants who had listened to music had significantly better sleep quality than those who had received no intervention. I know that at some point in everyone’s life, they will have suffered from some form of insomnia or sleep disorder. To think that relaxing classical music can be a safe, effective, and an affordable remedy to this issue is a real triumph! Whoever says, oh I had too much sleep thanks, I don’t need anymore!  We all say, oh goodness, I really could have done with another hour in bed this morning! We have the answer people!  Here are some great classic music book ideas too, if you wanted to give it ago yourself.  Nothing to lose, everything to gain!


…and relax…

Sometimes the most simple and everyday tasks like shopping can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety.  If you have decided to purchase a piano, this could cause extra worry as this isn’t an everyday purchase!  You no longer need worry; we pride ourselves on customer service.  One of the worst things when you go into a shop is to feel under pressure.  It only exasperates these symptoms, making them worse to cope with.  We don’t believe in pushy salespeople; you can come into our High Wycombe store and simply browse!  We can offer you as much help and advice as you need.  If this is the first time you are purchasing a piano, don’t worry, relax!  We can guide you towards the right one for your specific needs.  Our customer parking is right outside, so no need to worry. We will ensure you receive nothing but a relaxing, stress free experience from the moment you pull up!

So, there you have it learning how to play the piano as an adult can have some seriously amazing benefits to your mindfulness and the way you manage your stress and other issues.  If you are seriously considering learning to play the piano, we have some great second hand and brand-new options available.  We also have great advice on lessons, and if classical isn’t your thing, we have some sheet music covering lots of popular music and film scores too.  Now you know we can also help create a relaxing environment to shop in too, we hope to see you soon!