Have you ever thought about learning the piano? The great thing about learning to play the piano is that anyone, no matter what age, can benefit from it. Music speaks to the soul! Whether you are a young learner or a novice player later in life, learning the piano can have a positive impact on mental health and overall happiness. But what are some other benefits of learning to play the piano? Here at Piano Warehouse & Countrywide Pianos, we would like to encourage you to learn the piano no matter what stage in life you are at.  So why not give it a go and make it your New Year’s Resolution.

For children, playing the piano has developmental benefits. These benefits include keeping the inner ear sharp and developing memory and motor skills (hand-eye coordination). The earlier you promote positive development in children, the better off they will be later in life!  There have been many studies to back this up. Music also promotes creativity in children. Playing the piano will allow children to exercise their creative skills by learning to modify pieces of music or learning to improvise. Encouraging creativity is a benefit of playing the piano for children as they can express themselves through music, whether they play a piece as it is written or modify it. 

Learning to play the piano takes time and dedication, but the hard part is over once you choose to take the initial leap to learn a new skill! Instilling dedication and time management into a child’s values is an amazing benefit of learning to play an instrument, particularly the piano! Dedication and time management skills in children allows them to grow into adults with stronger work ethic. All these skills put together promote overall joy and happiness, and what’s better than a happy child?

Many adults might think it is too late for them to learn a new skill, but playing the piano is a wonderful hobby to take on as an adult too! Learning to play the piano is great way to manage the stress of adult life, let’s face it, we all have plenty of that! Learning the piano as adult you will find yourself lifted into the joy and wonderful feelings that learning can bring. Learning a new skill as beautiful as playing the piano can also boost your confidence too.

For children and beginner pianists, a secondhand piano is perhaps a good introduction to learning because there will be less financial outlay when starting out. A secondhand piano is a pre-loved piano that will typically be a smaller financial commitment from the start. Yet, many new learners choose to buy brand new pianos from the beginning, as it shows commitment and confidence in oneself! Overall, the choice is yours whether you decide to purchase a second-hand piano or a brand-new piano. Sometimes it just comes down to the style you prefer, whether it be a traditional piano or a digital one. 

We hope this has given you all some helpful information if you have decided now is the time to learn the piano.  If you need any help, support or would just like to have a friendly chat for anything piano related, we are here for you!  

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