How do you choose your new piano?   What do you look for and what is your expectation from a brand-new piano? There are many factors to think about when asking yourself these questions. The demands of a professional pianist and those of the beginner are very different which is perhaps obvious, however there is so much more to consider than the current level of your playing ability.  The way in which we now live our lives have an influence too, modern living and open plan interiors have fueled the fire for Hybrid pianos, for example.  Here are somethings to consider when you are choosing your new piano. 

A Hybrid Piano is a piano that can be played anytime, day or night via headphones, which is a great option for open plan living as you will not disturb anyone else in the space while you practice. A hybrid piano is most importantly a real acoustic instrument, even when being played digitally via headphones, the silent piano is and has the feel of a real instrument. Switch off the headphones and you are still able to enjoy the full flavour of the Hybrid Piano, as this too will allow you to create beautiful music. Again, the way in which we live will massively impact the new piano you chose to purchase.  This is true if you have underfloor heating as an example. In some homes, it is possible to isolate the heating where the piano is to be placed, if not a purpose protective piano mat is a must. These mats are specifically made for this use and should not be confused with just putting the new piano onto a household rug which will not offer any protection from the damage that a direct heat source can do to your new piano.

Next on the most people’s list is what your new piano may sound like, how your new piano might feel and of course the cost of your new piano.  Today’s trend is for the modern glossy black finish pianos, which works very well with most new interiors yet lends itself to traditional homes also.  To compliment the piano casework finish, fittings are usually offered in a choice of brass or chrome. Piano price and piano brands are always a major consideration and we of course, stock the leading pianos from Kawai Pianos to Yamaha Pianos and at a range of costs depending on your budget. The Kawai range offers something for every player and for any interior. It starts with the modern compact Kawai K15 Piano which we stock in the black finish and in polished white which looks equally stunning. Next in the range from Kawai Pianos, is the Kawai K200 Piano and the taller K300 Piano. These models are perhaps the most sought after as they can satisfy the requirements of the beginner and the more experienced player.  Finally in the Kawai Upright Piano range is the magnificent Kawai K500 Piano. For the serious musician, this offers the tone and feel that makes it such a popular choice, offered with a manufacturer’s 10-year guarantee too, this model should definitely make it on your “must try” list!

With no need for an introduction, we also offer the Yamaha piano brand!  We stock both Yamaha Upright Pianos and Grand Pianos, we also offer the Yamaha Silent Series too.  The Yamaha Self-Playing Disklavier together with a great selection of pre-owned Yamaha pianos in the ever-popular Yamaha U1 and the Yamaha U3 Pianos. The pre-owned selection usually includes a range of reconditioned by Yamaha Pianos, from their factory in Japan. These pianos are certified reconditioned pianos and are only available from Approved Yamaha Piano Stockist, which we are very proud to be!  Giving you the choice of purchasing a piano that is not brand new, which does impact the cost of your new piano if this was something that you were taking into consideration.

Here at Countrywide Pianos, we know exactly how to help you choose your new piano!  We always try to offer a piano choice that works best for you and your needs and are always on hand to perhaps offer an alternative brand you may not have considered before. Over the years we have researched, and selected piano makes which offer a more competitive price point with quality-built pianos. For this reason, we stock Steinmayer Pianos and over the last few years we have turned to brand names that lots of musicians will have heard about. The Ritmuller Piano, for example. Originally a German built piano, the Ritmuller Pianos are now made in China from the Pearl River Piano Factory, which is the largest piano manufacture in the World. We stock both Ritmuller Grand Pianos and the Upright Piano Range too. The Upright Pianos are available in their entry level classic models, together with the Superior range and finally a premium choice. Why not let Country Wide Pianos help you make the right piano choice this Christmas, visit us in store or online to find out more.