How Shopping For Your New Or Secondhand Piano Fares In A Post Lockdown World

When UK high street retailers tentatively re-opened their doors a few week ago, some consumers formed long queues as they waited, sometimes for hours, to enter stores. Early indications are that, following 12 weeks of lockdown, these shoppers relished the freedom of once again being able to visit a physical store.  It is a fine balancing act to be able to shop safely and adhere to the new way of life we all face with social distancing rules.  One of the things we love the most is to see our customers in store.  It’s the best part of our job, to be able to help, discuss, listen, speak and play(!) when you visit our showroom.  We are unique in that this process is a creative process, you need to be able to put your hands on a piano and know that this is the right option for you.  We know how important it is for you and for us to be able to offer a safe environment in which you can do that.  To keep you safe and to keep our staff safe.  We have the answer!  A great answer that actually when you think about it, gives you the best of both worlds.

Introducing our showroom appointments!  You are now able to arrange your appointment to our showroom in advance.  No more queuing or worrying that you may get here, and the shop floor is full, and you have the task of trying to socially distance.  You really do get the best of both!  You can rest back knowing that you will be the only customer in our showroom, you can relax and really enjoy the experience as you always have before.  We can dedicate the time to you and only you, with a very personal experience.  From all the early feedback we’ve been getting from customers, they all very much enjoy having the showroom to themselves, with our expert knowledge on hand as much or as little as they need.

We are keen, as I’m sure you are to get back to the best normal, now we can and embrace this new way of shopping.

Lockdown has been challenging in many ways, not just because we can’t shop the way we always have but trying to keep our minds occupied and our spirits up in such an uncertain time.  There has been a significant rise in people trying something new, which is great at any age and at any time, especially when a good distraction can help keep us all positive!  With millions having been stuck at home and unable to work during the Covid-19 crisis, many turned to hobbies to keep occupied. According to a new survey 22 per cent of respondents had taken up a new pastime in lockdown, while 35 per cent had rediscovered an old one!  This is great news!  Learning a new skill shifts the focus away from any anxiety you might have. When you’re enjoying taking part in a hobby, it’s easier to be curious, investigative and playful, and you’re less likely to feel stressed or snappy.  Taking up a hobby or learning a new skill comes recommended by Public Health England, as a way of managing mental health while isolating.

Buying a new or secondhand piano could serve as this new hobby!  It doesn’t have to involve the large spend a brand-new piano would incur, a secondhand option allows you to start a new hobby, in a cost-effective way! We have some great options of secondhand pianos and if you sign up and book an appointment to visit our showroom, you can see all that we have to offer in store right now.

We have seen a significant rise in the popularity of Silent/Hybrid Pianos.  With adults and children alike wanting to start a new hobby like learning to play the piano, this seems like a logical choice!  With more people working from home, this means more people in the house! The Hybrid Silent Pianos such as the Yamaha b1 Silent are a great new way of playing on a real piano and then quickly switching over to silent digital play via headphones so you can carry on playing but without interrupting others.

With a Silent/Hybrid Piano you can practice any time without disturbing others, play a range of pre-installed sounds, record your performances, connect to computers and mobile devices to access the latest apps, all from a REAL PIANO!  We have some great brand-new options if you intent to make this new hobby a permanent addition to your way of life.

Kawai also have a great range of Hybrid Pianos. Hybrid Kawai Pianos combine a real acoustic piano with digital components which allow for silent play through headphones. With AnyTimeX2, together with the AnyTimeX3, Kawai have incorporated an acoustic muting feature with powerful digital audio components, allowing pianists to continue enjoying the distinctive feeling of a traditional piano more discreetly without disturbing family members or neighbours!  Once again great for our new norm, which is seeing more of us work out of a home office.

If Kawai is the way you intend to go, the Kawai K500 ATX3 Piano could work very well for your situation.AnyTimeX3 instruments incorporate an acoustic muting feature with powerful digital audio components. The AnyTimeX3 models come with newly developed Kawai SH-9 headphones. These are specially matched to the internal sound source of the instruments.

Two excellent piano choices for you and your family to enjoy as you make playing the piano your new hobby for 2020.  Knowing we are following all the Shopping Safer Guidelines; means you can shop in safety with our new appointment system here in the showroom.  Enjoy a completely new way of shopping, the entire showroom to yourself, no queuing outside, just you and a fabulous choice of pianos!  We hope to see you soon…