Planning a wedding really is one of the most stressful things you can do.  Not just because of the huge cost involved but also deciding on the smallest things can send you into a spin!  Do you want a classic wedding indoors, or a rustic outdoor barn wedding?? There are so many choices and ways to go that it can honestly make your head hurt.  I think we can all agree, that whichever way you go, you want your wedding to have that special something.  That little touch of magic you can look back on in years to come and smile.  A Grand Piano can be that little touch of magic. It sounds so simple but really, it can completely transform your day into something truly wonderful.  Here are a few ways a Grand Piano can enhance your wedding;

The Ceremony

Whether you have your ceremony in an old manor house, church or under a starry sky, a Grand Piano will fit into any situation.  It’s purpose at this point is to create a wonderful atmosphere.  The Grand Piano can gentle tinkle while your guests arrive, they can be wowed by the room and then sit and listen while others are taking their seats.  It gives your guests a taste of what else is to come and sets the mood perfectly. Then when it’s time to walk down the aisle, what better way than to the sound of a Grand Piano?  A Grand Piano brings something magical and no matter what song you pick, it just sounds so much more elegant.  Simple, inexpensive, when rented and so worthwhile!  It will make all the difference to your wedding, believe us! Both the Kawai GL-10 and the Yamaha GB1 are two of our most popular choices for wedding event hire because of the size, sound and of course they are both beautiful to look at too!

Classic Indoor Style

Rustic Outdoor Wedding

How you can achieve both looks, Kawai GL30 Grand Piano and New Yamaha GB1k Baby Grand in White.  Can be found;

The Reception

 So, the ceremony is all done and dusted, now its time to eat, drink and be merry!  This is the time when your guests are enjoying the food and socialising, what you really need is some simple but lovely background music.  The Grand Piano is again a perfect choice.  It sets the mood to your wedding, if you are a fan of Jazz, this is the perfect dinner party style music a Grand Piano can be playing while your guests are being served.  Perhaps you have a favourite movie and rather than do a theme, which sometimes can be a little over the top for a wedding, your pianist can be playing the music from Star Wars on the Grand Piano for example.  It’s a way of putting personality into your big day, in a subtle way.

How to achieve the below look, for your wedding; Grand Pianos


Intimate Grand Piano Wedding Reception

Personal Touches

The Grand Piano doesn’t only have to be played to make a big impact in your wedding, it can be used in some really unique ways to give your special day, that special touch of magic.  Use the Grand Piano and incorporate one into your pictures, to give you some very different images, that are different from the norm.  Maybe before the disco starts, a band could play your first dance.  A Grand Piano can fit perfectly into this scenario.  If you are a music lover, have you considered a wedding cake to include a Grand Piano?  Simply using a Grand Piano as decoration, too can make a huge impact.  You could display flowers or pictures of people who couldn’t make it to your big day but want to give them a nod.  With a Grand Piano the possibilities are endless!

A Grand Piano Used To Decorate Your Wedding

A Grand Piano Can Make Unique Wedding photo opportunity too !

However, you decide to celebrate your wedding, we wish you happiness and the most perfect and magical wedding possible!

For more information on Grand Piano event hire, contact Countrywide Piano Centre.  We’d love to help you with your big day!