A Grand Piano is a substantial piece of furniture, and normally we would picture such a luxury in a lavish estate, surrounded by opulence.  This doesn’t have to be the case!  A Grand Piano can also be made to look right at home in a more modest setting too. Many home decorators have found wonderful ways to incorporate Grand and Baby Grand Pianos into normal size rooms. Making this classic and timeless instrument part of your home décor and turning it into a statement piece of furniture is becoming more and more popular.

Choosing furniture that is scaled and in proportion to the room is the key to accomplishing your goal.  By choosing the correct size for your room, it will ensure your home does not look cluttered or turn a decent sized room into a small one.  A Baby Grand Piano would work perfectly in this scenario, it adds an element of comfort to the room and has a similar effect as an open fire.  A cosy, homely feel.  It really is a beautiful focal point that can be enjoyed even if you don’t know how to play!


Business Style

A Grand Piano’s aesthetic use doesn’t have to end in the home.  Perhaps you own a business, a restaurant being a good example.  Maybe you want to add a touch of elegance to the space. Consider a Grand Piano in this instance. You are likely to have more space and can really showcase this kind of piece to its full potential.  A piece like this could literally fit into any existing décor, a refurb isn’t always necessary!

Choosing the correct colour to compliment and existing colour scheme is the best place to start.  Grand Pianos come in a range of finishes, so you will almost certainly find one that matches your needs.  Where to place is often another factor that can have a huge impact. Near the entry would be one good place, this is going to help draw patrons into your business.  Its give them a taste of what to expect when they come inside.  If you intend to have a pianist play too, this would be a lovely first impression as they walk inside, especially if they have to wait for a table!


Rental Potential

Buying a Piano isn’t always right for everyone.  Maybe you just simply don’t have the space no matter how hard you’ve tried moving things around!  It could be something that just isn’t in your budget to do right now.  Don’t fret!  Just because you can’t buy one right now doesn’t mean you can’t rent one!  No one should lose out and miss the experience a Grand or Baby Grand Piano can bring.  It can turn an event into something magical.  There is no better time to consider a Grand Piano rental than for a wedding.

It can turn a simple wedding into something extra special.  Not only could it be used for your ceremony, which in itself, is a wonderful thing, it can also be used as part of your wedding theme.  If you have a grand venue, embrace this.  There is no better place for a Grand Piano than in an old house, it’s a perfect setting.  Somehow, it adds a level of intimacy even if it’s a large room and you have lots of guests. We’re thinking; family and friends gathered together, great food, a glass of champagne and the light tinkling of a Grand Piano in the background.  What more could you ask for?


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