Having spent the best part of a year in lockdown, the outlook for high street shops had seemed pretty gloomy. Due to the covid pandemic technology has completely changed the way we interact with each other and the world around us and of course the way we shop online, instead of buying in person. We ask ourselves however, at what cost? 

For example, buying a piano in store is or should be a lovely interactive experience and if all pianos sounded or felt the same why would our piano showroom have lots on display? Somethings you simply can’t buy online without trying first and most pianist will be very familiar with what we mean!   We believe that our website is a little like a taster menu, a sample of what is available, but you do need to come down and buy a piano in store.  Our web site gives you an image and a description, but even the best photo of a piano, no matter how good will never be able to capture the warmth and depth of tone, the feel of the piano keys, the flavour of sound, and the connection between player and instrument.

One of the biggest benefits of buying a piano in person is that no two instruments will ever sound identical.  Professional musicians or even beginners who have a natural flare for hearing sound will very quickly eliminate pianos that they don’t like often without knowing why they don’t like that particular sound of piano.  Face to face purchasing of a piano is a critical part of your experience and simply cannot be replicated online.  We are very aware of covid and social distancing measures that are still very important to us, as is your safety.  That’s why since reopening after lockdown 2020, our showroom has switched to open by appointment. So, you can enjoy the experience of buying your piano face to face in safety. 

This has been a great success with our customers, who love the fact that they get exclusive use of the entire showroom and pianos, yet do not have to worry about covid restricts and how close to others they may be.  It has also helped shy pianists enjoy trying out the pianos without the worry of other customers listening!  Something that we never even thought about before offering our private face-to-face piano buying experience.  It has allowed us time to be 100% focused on you the customer offering help, support and advice if needed, or just to be around to answer any questions. The showroom appointment allows for a fully relaxed and personalised visit, when you buy your piano in store.  Helping you choose the right piano whether you are choosing a first piano for a beginner or buying a grand piano as an accomplished pianist.

Social interactions have been very much missed since covid first hit us and we understand that getting back some sort of normality will take time.  Equally switching back from online to buying on the high street once more.  We want to be able to bring you back something that we’ve all been lacking, a face-to-face purchase.  It’s not just important for all the reasons we have stated that you can’t get that same experience online as you do buying a piano in store.  I think we all need that social experience for our own mental wellbeing, having spent such a long time alone and isolated from everything we used to do.  

Let us make your face-to-face piano purchase a wonderful and long awaited, yet safe experience!  Booking is easy, you can use our online diary at www.countrywidepianos.co.uk  or if you prefer give us a call  01494 813388.  We look forward to helping you buy your piano in store, once again.