When buying a piano, it is important to get a “feel” for the instrument before you purchase it. You should experience the piano for yourself, listen to the expression the piano allows, feel the response and of course, you must love the sound.  No matter how good a photo image or how sophisticated a video production, nothing can compare with choosing and selecting a piano in person in a showroom setting.

No two pianos sound or feel exactly the same, which is part of the beauty of the piano in the first place! It is important, as a musician or beginner, to get the feel for a few different pianos before choosing one to buy. You may have one in mind, yet once you visit the showroom, you may change your mind once you have experienced a number of pianos from different manufacturers. At Countrywide Pianos we have used our experience to only select pianos from leading piano manufactures such as Kawai Pianos, Yamaha pianos , and from Pearl River,a value brand  which is now the largest piano manufacturer in the World. In turn,  we are an Approved and Authorised Main Dealership for these makes this means that when you buy from Countrywide Pianos you can be assured that you have peace of mind that you are choosing a trusted and approved piano retailer.

Part of the showroom experience is that you are allowed to sit and play the different pianos on the showroom floor in order to choose the perfect instrument for you.  You can take your time, ask questions and really enjoy the whole experience. You have many different options for pianos, such as a grand piano, upright piano, digital piano, and hybrid piano. This may take time and deliberation, so here at Countrywide Pianos, we open by appointment, this allows us to give each customer the privacy and attention they deserve when buying a piano. We can explain the differences of each piano to you and let you get a feel for each one.

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Another benefit of purchasing a piano from a showroom is that you can find comfort in knowing each piano has been inspected, prepared and tuned, by professionals. At Countrywide Pianos, we offer 0% finance on music equipment through “Take It Away” program, subject to approval.

Finally when you have decided on your choice of piano we can offer top-quality and countrywide delivery with our own in-house piano logistics team, ensuring that your precious piano will be transported safely and securely. 

As you can see, there are many advantages of buying from a go-to showroom. Being able to feel, hear, and learn about the piano in a private and intimate setting is an amazing part of the showroom experience. A piano isn’t a “click & buy” product, it should be so much more than that, it should be a fabulous beginning.  We are passionate about spreading our love for music, so let you musical journey start  here at Countrywide Pianos You can simply call us at 01494 813388 or book your showroom appointment online here

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