A Life Time’s Love of Music















Starting out on your musical journey begins with an instrument.  In our case, that instrument is the piano.  Ensuring the piano, you choose is right for you, will increase your chances of succeeding.  Learning to play the piano is a challenge, a challenge that is worth it but why not take all the help you can get!  Making sure the piano you choose is the best option to suit you is certainly where we would suggest you started…

This doesn’t always mean buying a brand-new piano, there are so many great second-hand pianos out there that would be perfect for anyone starting out.  If maintained correctly you will in no way suffer at all with quality.  You can get a great instrument at a good price and know that you are giving yourself every chance you can at succeeding.

We know that most families don’t have lots of disposable income to spend, even on a second-hand piano but the joy and the sense of achievement your family will get from learning to play the piano is, to us worth the sacrifice in the short term.  Especially with an instrument the whole family can play and enjoy for years to come. Perhaps these suggestions will be food for thought and you can start your musical journey sooner that you think!

Save your pennies!

Yep!  That’s right! Good old-fashioned saving!  It sounds so obvious, doesn’t it?  Well instead of having that take away on a Friday night, put that money aside and watch how quickly it all adds up.  You’ll be playing your very own piano in no time!

Raise the money!

Again, I hear you say, so obvious!  We all know that we have lots of stuff lying around that we just don’t need or use.  Why not get rid of some things and make some extra cash for your piano purchase. There’re so many options to do so, Facebook, eBay, Preloved Etc.  or you could go to a car boot sale.  It’s not only a way to make some extra money, just think of all the extra space you’ll have getting rid of all that stuff cluttering up your cupboards!











Arts Council England Schemes

There are some amazing Government schemes out there to help families spread the cost of buying instruments, in this case the piano. They recognise the huge benefits playing a musical instrument has on children’s lives and the ability to carry it into adulthood.  The Take it away scheme is a Creative United initiative supported by Arts Council England and Arts Council of Northern Ireland.  It allows families to spread the cost of a buying a piano new or second hand for under 21-year old.  We have been involved in this particular initiative for 10 years and have seen firsthand the benefits.  Below you will find a link if this is something that may sound interesting or you’d like to hear more.














We hope this has given you lots to think about, we do believe that learning to play the piano enhances your life in so many ways.  We also believe that this journey, cannot start without a good instrument to play on.  It is a proven fact that if you give someone a badly regulated or very poor, out of tune old instrument to begin on, you increase the chance of the beginner giving up. Give them a good instrument and you increase the joy and ease of learning and therefore the chances increase the success rate of learning an instrument/piano.  In turn giving them a solid foundation in a life time’s love of music.