Keeping active during those cold winter months…

The likelihood of leaving the house for anything other than essentials, like work, decreases significantly when the temperature outside drops below freezing! Minus 5 with a wind chill factor of -10, yeah, probably staying indoors!  Food shopping?  No, I’m sure we can get by on this box of old crackers and a week-old banana, can’t we?!  For the days (or, let’s face it, months) when the weather is less-than-ideal, it’s easy for our productivity and general satisfaction with life to come to a screeching halt as we make camp on the sofa with blankets, junk food, and a long, long list of Netflix watches.   Don’t get me wrong: I love a good Netflix documentary, but after a few weekends spent this way, I’m sure, like me, you’re ready for a challenge! Taking up the piano is a great hobby to start.  It can be started straightaway and does not require snow boots and the will to get out into the freezing cold to achieve!  If you are thinking about taking up this hobby, here are our suggestions of great instruments, no matter your level or budget…

Kawai is a brand that has been around for many years, quality and craftsmanship are at the forefront of every piano they make.  Steeped in family tradition, the Kawai family has blended knowledge, skill, technology and heart into the quest to perfect the art of piano making.  Our suggestions from this brand include;

For the modest budget we would recommend; Kawai K-200 upright piano

With outstanding tone and touch, the K-200 offers the dependability and character needed to please any performing pianist.

Arguably the best hybrid piano on the market, the new Kawai K-300 Aures ATX3 would be a great option if you had a more flexible budget.

Featuring our most sophisticated sound and operational technology combined with the class-leading K-300 Professional Upright Piano, it offers endless versatility to explore your creative musical ideas.  Will certainly keep you busy this winter!

If Yamaha is more your style, then we have some equally great options for you to choose from here too!  Elegant, beautifully crafted and will make a statement in any space you decide to place.

Picture shown above is a Disklavier model


The brand-new Yamaha Baby Grand piano as seen in the picture below, Model GB1- K in polished black is a wonderful first baby grand piano.

This Yamaha Baby Grand piano has always been a favorite here at Countrywide pianos and remains just as popular today. The smallest grand from Yamaha, yet still ideal where space is limited.  Nothing beats the statement, that having a Baby Grand piano says in a room. The entry level Yamaha piano is as popular today as it has always been, a quality piano from a quality piano manufacturer.

If you really wanted to go all out with a Grand Piano, then the Yamaha C3x Grand Piano will wow everyone who sees and hears it!  The brand new CX Series offers a clear sound with a perfect attack, sparkling tone, and transparent harmonies, all encased in an elegant, flowing form. The result is a series of instruments that is refined in tone, yet bold in design.  If you intend this hobby to continue for years to come, you would have to look far and wide to find a better option!


A couple of things to bear in mind when you take up your new hobby this winter.  Buying a piano is a big investment and if you intend this to last you for many years to come, then its very important that you care for your piano correctly.

Firstly, you must be aware just how important it is to avoid extremes of humidity and temperature change.  If you don’t take this into consideration, this will affect your instruments sound.  Secondly, if you intend to place your new piano in a room with under floor heating, then you need to place your piano on a special heat protection mat.  (Don’t worry, we have those available in our showroom to take home with you!).  Lastly, you must also ensure you have your new piano regularly tuned, to keep it sounding perfect.  Twice a year is usually sufficient, but just in case you need more information, we have a handy guide on our website to keep you in the know!

We hope you decide to take up this very rewarding hobby, this wintertime.  Keep warm, keep practicing and as always, we are here to help!